Petrone: CT Dose Optimization - Compliance Only

Course Format: Online Video
Course Credit Type: Certificate
Course Credit: 0.50
Rewards Points Earned: 12.5
Course Category: *Imaging, CT, **Self-Study/On-Demand, *Petrone Associates
Course Producer: Petrone Associates
Course Cost: $17.99
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Course Release Date: March 06, 2020
Course Expiration Date: March 06, 2021
Program Summary:

ATTENTION: This version of this course is for compliance purposes only. for CE Credit, please enroll in the course Petrone: CT Dose Optimization (CE ARRT), coming soon.

Christopher Smitherman covers all topics of CT dose & reduction techniques.

  • Understanding dose contributors
  • Understanding dose reduction techniques
  • Dose modulation/reduction per manufacturer, model and software version.
  • Understanding image quality reference parameters
  • Understanding summing dose report values
  • Imaging of pediatric and pregnant patients
  • Effective dose and biological effects

  1. Introduction
    1. CT Dose in the News
    2. Rise in Medical Radiation Exposure
    3. Publications and Regulations
    4. CT Dose Contributors
    5. Reducing CT Dose
    6. CT Dose Descriptors
  2. Dose Reduction Techniques
    1. Pre-Scan Techniques
    2. CT Acquisition Parameters/Settings
      1. Scan Modes
      2. Detector Configuration (Slice thickness/Beam collimation)
      3. Table Speed & Pitch
      4. Tube Rotation Time
      5. Tube Current
      6. Tube Potential
      7. Field of View & Bowtie Filter
    3. Dose Modulation/Reduction
      1. Automatic Exposure Control, Tube Potential Selection
      2. Iterative Reconstruction
  3. Summing Dose Report Values
  4. Dose Notifications/Alerts
  5. Pediatric CT Considerations
  6. Imaging of the Pregnant Patient
  7. Effective Dose and Biological Effects
  8. Conclusion
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